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Sinews STD
Sinews STD - Hairline Sinews STD - Hairline Italic Sinews STD - Thin Sinews STD - Thin Italic Sinews STD - Light Sinews STD - Light Italic Sinews STD - Regular Sinews STD - Regular Italic Sinews STD - Medium Sinews STD - Medium Italic
Mini Typewriter
Sinews STD -  Typewriter
A sinew is a strong, fibrous tissue connecting bones to muscle. Much like its anatomical influence, Sinew Sans—also av… read more
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A self-professed addict—but luckily only to design glyphs, alphabets, and OpenType programming—German font designer … read more
Interview with Jakob Runge
Could you give us a brief introduction to yourself and to your work?
I’m completely addicted to desi… read more